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Magic Healing Water


Some time ago some people went out in search of a fountain of youth.  It was supposedly never found.  Water itself has some amazing healing properties, however, at least the natural springs where I grew up definitely do, but I discovered something more, something that might amount to a speedier recovery and prevention for the common cold, allergies, and perhaps more.  I cannot say this will cure anything as I am pretty sure there are laws against advocating anything as a cure, especially for something as vexing to modern science as the common cold. 

My intent for publishing this information is to give suffering people an alternative to the conventional "pill-popping" mentality of our sanitized health institutions.  Maybe conventional medicine has you feeling a little "dopey."  Perhaps your stomach has begun to reject foreign pill-shaped objects.  Or, strangely enough, you have gotten the idea that it might be better to treat the cause rather than the symptom of the disease.  That's what it is, after all, if you are suffering at all, whatever name they give it, for you it means discomfort, dis-ease, disease!  A headache can be considered dis-ease under this context and I will share my knowledge about this subject based on personal success.

A Traumatic Past

My medical records will show some usual colds and flu and occasional bouts of strep-throat and even pneumonia up until about the last 4 or 5 years.  What went undocumented was the constant respiratory irritation and inflammation I had to deal with.  Every morning when I would wake up I used to sneeze 5 to 7 times.  My nose would tickle and my eyes would water and there I would be, starting another day of misery, though I knew it not.  That was the life I was used to, the life of the allergy-prone sufferers.  The season of Spring, in all it's multi-colored glory was something I both feared and dreaded for its clouds of dust and pollen.  The thoughts of insects and animals would send me to the medicine cabinet for the latest "dope" which routinely only provides "temporary relief," if you can call it that, of symtoms.

Where I live the air is very cold, dry, and often dusty so when the worsening allergies became recurring pneumonia I was alarmed and concerned.  Medical treatments recommended to me at the time included antibiotics (which I took) and aerosol steroids and anti-histamines (which I avoided).  The symptoms kept recurring over a 4 year period and this bothered me.  I started looking for a solution.  My first solutions involved anti-bacterial preparations.  Pneumonia is a bacteria and we know what kills bacteria, right?

Dangerous Remedies

I tried some things I would not recommend to others, including inhaling Listerine® mist mixed with 3% hydrogen peroxide.  This did kill the bacteria and reduce the symptoms immediately in my case, but with some probable risks.  One could very well drown if one inhaled too much mist and had it condense.  I hear it only takes a few teaspoons of liquid to drown.  I have inhaled much more than that without a significant reduction in my breathing capacity, but I'm also fairly athletic.  In retrospect I wouldn't recommend the inhaling of anything without doctor supervision, or at the very least in the presence of somebody who knows CPR...

Later, I found that hydrogen peroxide worked better than Listerine® and then I discovered something surprising.  Ordinary water was working better than the peroxide.  An old cold remedy involves the inhaling of water vapor from a pot of steaming hot water.  I recall seeing an illustration of somebody with a towel over their head, inhaling steam.  Sometimes this water is even given a dose of Vics® for good measure.  I have known this for years but have only had limited success with trying it until I discovered my simple hygenic technique to finally clean what must be the dirtiest areas of our bodies.  No other sources of information I have found advocates these simple techniques, but then it wasn't too long ago that similar rituals, such as brushing ones teeth or even using soap were unheard of.  I just take this a gentle step further.


Figuring dry air was the source of my allergy woes, I went to the Salvation Army and bought a large humidifier.  For some reason over the ensuing weeks I felt sicker.  It turns out there are such things as "sick humidifiers" and also there is something you are supposed to put in the water to keep it from incubating germs and stuff.  There is a whole science of humidifiers and this thing didn't even come with a manual so I was completely in the dark.  All I knew at the time was it was time to pitch it in the dumpster.

As a kid, when we would get colds, our mom used to feed us honey to which was added a little vitamin C.  Ok, a lot of vitamin C...  Anyway, this seemed to work well enough and it made us feel like we were getting attention so it was all right.  Later, when I was on my own, the honey seemed to lose its flavor without the motherly love and colds didn't seem to ever go away completely.

A common thing you hear when you tell people you have a cold or the flu is "drink lots of water."  While I think this is good advice for most people, I tend to drink plenty as it is and if I drink too much I usually get a canker sore (a small, very painful white dot somewhere in my mouth) and feel a little, shall we say, diluted, watery and pale.

One thing that may have occurred to you is that I am discussing various illnesses here and not staying with the topic but for me you have to understand that this was a constant, nasal, throat, lungs, eyes or various combinations of respiratory irritation that I was feeling.  Sometimes it would manifest itself as a cold, then it would morph into a bout of strep, then perhaps pneumonia, then, after I had consumed a whole bottle of antibiotics it would re-surface as nasal drip allergy symptoms or general aches and pains.  This was a constant and chronic thing for me, though I never complained.  Perhaps I should have, but I don't know anyone who would have listened.  What I needed was a cure; a cure for the common cold.

The Sales Pitch

I may not have the actual cure but I discovered something new and unique, a new way of using my special water (I call it special because I found it to work for me better than any cold remedy.  Yet it is ordinary tap water.  The tap water in your town might work just fine.  Bottled water might work but I haven't tried it.  This is the water I use.  I use it because it works.  When Jesus would cure people (the Bible tells us he did occasionally cure folks, though the FDA would like those parts edited out.) he would often send them down the the river Jordan with detailed washing instructions.  I believe that washing does help many things, especially if you live in a dry and dusty area like Israel can be.  People apparently didn't bathe much back then.  Perhaps the crust built up to such an extent that people went blind, but that is idle speculation.  What I have discovered is more along the lines of technique than anything else.

Perhaps people these days don't know how to bathe and I am the first to "bring it to the masses" so to speak.  As I said, it is new.  It is so very simple but I have not seen this technique of washing anywhere else!  It is really quite simple, yet there is a lot of interesting dialogue along with it that I would love to share here but I just can't.  I have 6 happy little mouths to feed and, as they say, it's "need before greed!"

Yes the water I use is tap water from Anchorage, Alaska but it has been handled with my own two hands and perhaps even transformed by my physical contact into a new substance as believed by some yogis and metaphysicists.  I do not feel the necessity to reinforce such wild claims as results should speak for themselves more than pseudo-scientific mumbo-jumbo ever could.

I am not selling the water, and you can buy it from some places for $1 a bottle but it is not called Anchorage, Alaska tap water.  It is called something else.  I can't say what, because they might finger me for slander or something even though it's the truth... but if you want the guaranteed stuff that works for me right from the faucet I use I will give it to you free!  All you have to do is drop $15 for shipping and handling into my PayPal account (see below) and I'll send you a bottle of the stuff (whatever I can cram into a 3 lb. envelope) along with detailed instructions on how I use it to stay well, also now with a section on how I have been preventing headaches, and other sources of pain.  (No, I don't drink it!  I drink nothing but Pepsi®, Mountain Dew® and the occasional glass of milk.)  My diet consists mostly of fast food, like tacos and pizza!

Yes, with that diet I should be suffering, but It has now been 3 years and I have not had the slightest cold, sinus allergy or flu (by far a record for me!).  This after a lifetime of chronic respiratory problems.  Did I find a cure?  Only more time will convince the skeptics.  If I were to live the rest of my life without illness it would suit me just fine.

Compassion for the Poor.  The Low Pitch

If there is one thing I have it's compassion for poor folks.  Believe it or not, I too used to be poor.  When they ask me for $1 at the bus station I'm the first person to bless  them and tell them to be thankful for their condition as they have been chosen to be tested by God!  But I don't give them the dollar.  That kind of charity creates zombies.  It ruins the beautiful and life-giving incentive to survive and create!  Why do something productive for a living if I can just beg for it?  I would rather teach them how to make a dollar.  If you are poor, take a good look at me, selling what is essentially water along with instructions on how to use it.  You can do the same.  What I am doing is legitimate.  I deliver what I promise.  I am not saying it is natural spring water or something else it is not.  I am not saying it will cure disease.  I am saying "I use it and it seems to help me." There is no misrepresentation.  My honesty won't permit that.  If you send me just $10, I will give you just the copyrighted and illustrated written portion of my package explaining how I use ordinary water to maintain good health and well-being along with other techniques I use to stay fit.  You are free to test the water from the river Jordan, the Mississippi or your neighbor's well and see for yourself whether my technique works or doesn't, as the case may be...  Like I said.  My water works for me.  I can't possibly guarantee yours will.  At any rate, a human body is 80-90% water so at least I'm not advocating a foreign substance or a chemical that causes cancer in lab rats...

Usual Disclaimers Apply

But you are completely on your own.  I can't be held responsible.  I can't even imply a guarantee of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.  Our municipal government claims it is safe to handle and even drink water so if you have problems with it, take it to them!  I'm not even charging for the items.  I'm charging for my handling and packaging of the items.  These days, packaging is everything and as such, my guarantee extends only to the value I add in handling the products, that the packaging and instructions are intact and the contents are reasonably the same as everyone else gets and delivered in a timely fashion so yes, if you are dissatisfied with my performance in delivering this product I will refund your money according to relevant trade laws and practices just like any other legitimate business would do!

Update:  My hygienic technique has been rumored to help with skin trouble and even reverse the effects of aging.  It has even been touted to have performed miracles similar to that of holy water.  I find these miracles hard to believe, personally.  I'm just happy if my ranting occasionally makes somebody listen and free themselves from endless cycles of pain and disease in areas of our bodies that are never properly taken care of.