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My theory of gravity is merely the simplification and demonstration of already proven gravity concepts not commonly understood.&nbsp; Gravity is considered by scholars to be an unexplained, unmeasurable phenomena of mass.&nbsp; This attitude must change!!! --Henry Kroll, author <P><A href="mailto:thenerd@thenerdshow.com">Email comments</A> <P><B><FONT color=#ff6600><FONT size=+1>Gravity Detection for Beginners</FONT></FONT></B> <P>Gravity is not what we think.&nbsp; It is not a unidirectional force.&nbsp; It is dynamic.&nbsp; It can never be unified because it is always changing.&nbsp; It is entropy.&nbsp; It is a symptom of mass with its associated microscopic internal charge fluctuations and vortices.&nbsp; Where there is mass, there is gravity.&nbsp; This is not in dispute.&nbsp; It is readily provable with a simple device called a tortion balance.&nbsp; Anyone can build a gravity detector and see first hand the amount of gravity associated with various objects.&nbsp; Try it: <BR>&nbsp; <TABLE cols=2 width="100%"> <TBODY> <TR> <TD width=310> <CENTER><IMG height=186 src="Tbal.jpg" width=309 border=0> <BR>Home Gravity Detection</CENTER></TD> <TD>Here we have a table on which rests two biscuit-sized lead weights.&nbsp; Two additional weights are suspended via a balsa wood frame and a piece of fishing line which is attached to a hook in the ceiling.&nbsp; <P>For best results, the tortion balance should be immersed in a shallow tray of water for inertial damping.&nbsp; If gravity exists you should notice some attraction between the fixed and movable weights which although very slight is enough to make the suspended weights turn toward any masses that are placed near them. <P>Conclusion:&nbsp; Gravity works</P></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE><B><FONT color=#ff6600><FONT size=+1></FONT></FONT></B> <P><B><FONT color=#ff6600><FONT size=+1>Gravity Explained</FONT></FONT></B> <P>Let's look at two masses and try to determine what is actually going on to cause them to attract.&nbsp; Newton did this a long, long time ago and came up with his <A href="http://csep10.phys.utk.edu/astr161/lect/history/newtongrav.html">law of universal gravitation.</A>&nbsp; Every kid with the most basic of elementary science is taught this.&nbsp; Under this sweeping theory, two masses attract depending on how far apart they are and roughly how big they are.&nbsp; The actual relationship is: F = G (m1 . m2) / r^2 where F is the force of gravity, m1 and m2 are the masses of the two objects and r is the distance between their centers.&nbsp; This formula has some obvious flaws, such as the possibility of any one of these factors being reduced to zero (and we all know what happens when you get a zero in a formula, chaos!).&nbsp; G is the gravitic constant G = 6.67 x 10<SUP><FONT size=-2>-11</FONT></SUP> N m2/kg2 which is measured in Newtons.&nbsp; These formulae are accurate enough, in normal practice, to make a hole-in-one golf shot at over a million yards (neglecting air friction of course).&nbsp; The force of gravity felt by the average pedestrian works out to around 700 Newtons here on Earth's crust using these calculations and solving for F. <P>Now, jumping over to electronic theory, <A href="http://members.edventures.com/custom/wr/terms/c/coulombs_law/termbrowser.html">Coulombs Law</A> also relates to mass attractions and the equation looks suspiciously similar to Newton's:&nbsp; F = k (q1 . q2) / r^2.&nbsp; k is the electron charge constant (similar to the gravitic constant but much stronger) and q1 and q2 are the point charges of two masses.&nbsp; In fact, let's put those two equations side by side: <P><B>F = G (m1 . m2) / r^2 </B>and <B>F = k (q1 . q2) / r^2</B> <P><B><FONT color=#ff6600><FONT size=+1>Mass is charge.&nbsp; Charge is mass.</FONT></FONT></B> <P>From the above we come to the even more vastly embracive conclusion that<B> charge is mass</B> and, conversely,<B> mass is charge</B>!&nbsp; It can be further stated that the ratio of charge to gravity constants being k/G, which works out to charge being 10^42 times stronger than gravity!&nbsp; This means charge and the creation of artificial mass through charge fluctuations is the ideal way to control gravity.&nbsp; Curiously, the number 42 has been touted as the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything, but that's another story.&nbsp; Could the long sought-after Unified Field Theory finally be solved?&nbsp; Actual Unified Theory as I perceived it in school would have been a reconciliation of mass-energy electromagnetism ( E=mc<SUP><FONT size=-2>2 </FONT></SUP>) with gravity (charge entropy).&nbsp; Since charge is mass and is inseperable from mass we have infinite charge potential for mass and infinite mass potetial for charge and thus any Unified Field theory is rendered moot because the answer is quantum charge which could potentially be infinity.&nbsp; The same holds true for any attempt to reconcile energy with charge, for it cannot be measured in the absence of mass unless you start talking about "vaccuum potentials" and other "fringe stuff." <P><B><FONT color=#ff6600><FONT size=+1>Motion is the natural product of charged masses</FONT></FONT></B> <P>What does all this mean?&nbsp; It means to reduce mass of your body to zero (and float free of Earth's gravity restrictions) all we have to do is reduce your charge to absolute zero (reject all charged particles from your body) or reduce all motion to absolute zero.&nbsp; But even if we could do this this through some amazing mental trick, the collective M-band (mass associated) noise generated by the earth is enough to induce noise currents that would entrap any remaining consciousness.&nbsp; Unfortunately this route to space is just not possible.&nbsp; Not only is matter made up of charges, but these charges are in constant motion, even neutrons.&nbsp; It'll take a lot of zen to quiet all that motion!&nbsp; Not only must you master yourself, but you must master the Earth and all the known universe at the same time.&nbsp; The other extreme, called escape velocity or "brute force" is the method useed by NASA to launch satellites and moon walkers.&nbsp; We simply increase motion until gravity can no longer contain it.&nbsp; This is expensive but it works.&nbsp; Unless you're either a multimillionaire or a god, let's look for a simpler solution. <P><B><FONT color=#ff6600><FONT size=+1>Gravity is a charge ripple</FONT></FONT></B> <P>Let's say we have two practically identical hydrogen atoms (A) and (B).&nbsp; They both have particles and those particles are in motion.&nbsp; This has been compared to a power supply with both voltages 1000 volts but with some ripple +/- 10% due to electron "noise."&nbsp; The net effect is that both atoms A and B have a <I><B>net difference</B> </I>of up to 200 volts at any one time due to noise even though they have the same real world net charge.&nbsp; The result is nothing ever will have the same exact net charge no matter how well "grounded" and this small difference will always attract other atoms--unless they have external charge applied to counteract this.&nbsp; Quarks attract other quarks.&nbsp; Matter is sticky because of motion.&nbsp; This "net quantum noise" inherent in all things is gravity.&nbsp; It is the unified field or k/G.&nbsp; There is nothing we can do about that...or is there? <P><B><FONT color=#ff6600><FONT size=+1>The Capacitor That Flew</FONT></FONT></B> <P>While experimenting with high voltage amplifiers one day, I accidentally hooked up high voltage, high frequency current to a homebuilt capacitor in the wrong way.&nbsp; The result was a tremendous bang and a 6" hole in the ceilling.&nbsp; Luckily, I was a safe distance away.&nbsp; What actually caused the explosion was breakdown of the dielectric, but it got me thinking.&nbsp; What if you used AC instead of DC to overcome gravity. <P><B><FONT color=#ff6600><FONT size=+1>Antigravity through standing waves (scalar waves)</FONT></FONT></B> <P>Take two masses.&nbsp; In this case we'll use my experimental spaceship and the Earth as examples.&nbsp; Let's say we charge them up with high voltage DC.&nbsp; What happens?&nbsp; We get more attraction because opposite charges migrate to the surface of the Earth.&nbsp; They do this because they are attracted.&nbsp; No matter which polarity we charge our craft, opposite charges will appear in the earth's crust to cancel any lift and actually make our craft heavier.&nbsp; Yep, we can make you put on pounds without adding inches to your waistline! <P>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (<B><FONT color=#ff0000>++++++++</FONT></B>) &lt; ------- body charged positive or negative (It doesn't matter.&nbsp; Neither one will work.&nbsp; It's hopeless.) <BR><FONT color=#666666>===============</FONT><FONT color=#ff6600>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</FONT> &lt; -----&nbsp;&nbsp; insulator <BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <FONT color=#33ccff>- - - - - - - - -&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</FONT>&nbsp;&nbsp; &lt; -----&nbsp; opposite ground charges are attracted to craft, making it appear even heavier. <P>Now let's change the design of the space ship slightly to make an in-out capacitor of spherical capacitor out of it and then began to rapidly reverse polarity between skin and interior like so: <P>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <FONT color=#ff0000>++++&nbsp;</FONT>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<FONT color=#33ccff> - - - -</FONT>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <FONT color=#ff0000>++++</FONT>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &lt; ---- <FONT color=#ff6600>outer skin</FONT> <BR>&nbsp; <FONT color=#ff0000>+</FONT>&nbsp; <FONT color=#33ccff>- - -</FONT>&nbsp; <FONT color=#ff0000>+</FONT>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <FONT color=#33ccff>-</FONT> <FONT color=#ff0000>+ + + </FONT><FONT color=#33ccff>-</FONT>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <FONT color=#ff0000>+ </FONT><FONT color=#33ccff>- - -</FONT> <FONT color=#ff0000>+</FONT>&nbsp; &lt; ----&nbsp; <FONT color=#ff6600>opposite charge on inside of craft</FONT> <BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <FONT color=#ff0000>+++++&nbsp;</FONT>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<FONT color=#33ccff> - - - -&nbsp;</FONT>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <FONT color=#ff0000>+++++</FONT> <BR><FONT color=#666666>==========================</FONT> <BR><FONT color=#33ccff>&nbsp;- - - - - -</FONT>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<FONT color=#ff0000>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; + + + +&nbsp;&nbsp;</FONT>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<FONT color=#33ccff> - - - - - - -&nbsp;</FONT> &lt; --- <FONT color=#ff6600>Opposite charges automatically migrate to the surface of Earth, cancelling lift</FONT> <P>As you can see, it wouldn't get off the ground at most frequencies because every time you change skin polarity it attracts opposite charges from the Earth.&nbsp; But what about high frequency?&nbsp; Is there a frequency where charge reversals are taking place faster than Earth can compensate, resulting in like charges repelling your craft into space?&nbsp; Yes there is.&nbsp; It would be roughly 1/4 the radio wavelength between your craft and the surface of the earth.&nbsp; It also follows that there will be certain "magic altitudes" which would correspond to the harmonics of Earth's fundamental frequency (about 11.5 cycles).&nbsp; At these altitudes, the Earth is at resonance and the craft need only supply a small signal to maintain altitude as it rides on induced waves resonating within the Earth's core. <P><B><FONT color=#ff6600><FONT size=+1>Build a flying saucer &amp; get free milk to fill it:</FONT></FONT></B> <P>Rigorously, it should be possible to obtain resonance and measurable lift at 3 meters altitude using a portable FM radio transmitter.&nbsp; Additionally, since the design of the craft produces a monopole in-out radio wave instead of transverse dipole waves it should not be detectible by earth-based (grounded dipole) equipment.&nbsp; Moreover, the air wave is in-phase with the ground wave during gravity cancellation so they should cancel perfectly at cruise altitude.&nbsp; This should keep the FCC out of your hair, but just in case it doesn't work or it is not properly tuned because of sunspots, etc., don't come crying to me if your saucer gets confiscated by snoopy governments.&nbsp; While you're up there hovering above the fields of rye, it might be a good idea to experiment with crop circles. <P>Slight humming may be audible as phase cancellation effects create minor variations in air pressure near the ground immediately under the craft.&nbsp; At some frequencies, other strange phenomena could occur.&nbsp; Since the whole unit is a powerful scalar (in-out) radio transmitter and receiver, communications over vast distances are possible without detection by conventional non-spherical wave equipment.&nbsp; Scalar gravitic waves travel faster than light due to their non-magnetic nature and concentrated beams with intergalactic transmission intent are also possible using nearby planets as sounding boards.&nbsp; Precisely tuned spherical capacitors can be used to pick up such signals.&nbsp; A nice natural byproduct of this device is the handy reduced gravity area that is created at certain frequencies directly beneath the craft.&nbsp; You can set your transmitter to pick up a cow and transfer it to your cargo bay, for instance.&nbsp; As such, it would be the ideal device for high-tech cattle rustlers in the burgeoning <A href="http://www.jollython.com/lit/spacecheese.html">space cheese</A> market! <P><B><FONT color=#ff6600><FONT size=+1>Further experiments ongoing.&nbsp; <A href="http://members.tripod.com/fozner/hamain.htm">Ham needed</A>.</FONT></FONT></B> <P><FONT color=#ffffff>In order to generate the lift required, substantial power output will be needed to overcome gravity with a 2000 lb. vehicle.&nbsp; This would far exceed the capacity of a normal radio transmitter.&nbsp; Perhaps old ham radio spark gap transmitters could fit the bill.&nbsp; I have ideas for a transmitter/generator using wilmhurst-like slotted disk topology.&nbsp; Production of this high power unit in my basement laboratory will require <A href="http://members.tripod.com/fozner/hamain.htm">lots of ham</A>--and cheese too, so any donations of same would be greately appreciated.</FONT> <P><FONT color=#ffffff>Fortunately since oscillators are being used it can be tuned to operate at resonance so time stretching methods could be employed to lift your craft with conventional batteries the same way you can lift a car with a car jack by stretching out the time it takes to do it into a longer span.&nbsp; It would also take next to zero energy to maintain altitude once operating altitude has been achieved.&nbsp; Climbing and directional changes will consume power relative to the work expended minus losses.&nbsp; It should be 99% more environmentally friendly, virtually undetectible to bureaucrats and other wildlife, and 80% cheaper to operate than conventional rotocraft, however.&nbsp; I am not yet 100% sure how to steer such a contraption so I'll have to experiment with models first to test some general ideas or go back to college for one of the many classes covering monopolar radio thrust vectoring &amp; resonant beam particle transportation.</FONT> <P><FONT color=#ffffff><A href="index.html">Back to homepage</A></FONT></P></BODY></HTML>
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